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    The idea of a community activities center was first proposed almost a decade ago. The idea is to combine all of Orchard Park’s government provided recreation departments and activities into one complex. Doing so would not only address a growing list of deficiencies, it would create greater efficiencies of service, meaning more value for tax dollars. Our intention is to put this decade-long issue before the community for its determination, hopefully this fall. 


    Of set purpose the complex has been designed in phases so that it can be built all at once, or in select phases over time. One option would include architectural phases one and two, inclusive of a community activities center with a core area (entry, lobby, security desk, offices), a senior center, recreation center and a gym. Architectural phases three and four include an indoor pool, outdoor splash pad and a field house. A second option would be to build all four phases at once. Cost for option one would be around $20 million. Cost for option two (all four phases) would be around $30 million. If building were to be entirely on the tax payer, a rough estimate at present would be an increase of $4.56 a month for the typical home in Orchard Park (valued at $263,000) for every $10 million spent.


    Our next step is to determine the will of the community with respect to if and which option might be built in the near future. Once that is accomplished, assuming there is community interest in building, a determination will be made regarding annual operational costs and the likelihood and amounts of monies that can be secured through non-tax means. The community will be kept fully informed as things move forward and developments occur.



Link to the Wendel Presenation for proposed Community Center (click here)


The square foot amounts are as follows:


$20 million (phases 1-2): 69,000 square feet

Phase 1-2


$30-33 million (all phases): 136,000 square feet

Phase 1-4 








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